We focus on supporting a movement of citizenship in Kenya to informed and active on tax mobilization, budget allocation and spending. We are also bold and brave in challenging taxation policies and practices and grounding our influencing work on research, power and gender analyses. We will also work on linking community, county, national and global level interventions, particularly on tax justice and inequality.

Advocacy Campaign

3.1. Parliamentary Support Programme

Our parliamentary support programme provides Kenyan youth with a mechanism to directly engage Kenya’s National Assembly and the Senate in the law-making process through the relevant parliamentary departmental committees and the Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association (KYPA).

YSK also works with other non-state actors convened under the (KYPA) to promote the formulation of citizen-friendly laws by parliament. YSK serves as the prime informant on youth issues in KYPA.

3.2 Youth Engagement in Public Policy Formulation and Analysis:

YSK considers the equipping of Kenya’s youth with the necessary knowledge and information about the tenets and process of policy making and accountability promotion as an important element in enhancing youth action in building a better Kenya and for this reason running a program to enable the attainment of this goal. This has received support from the International Youth Day (IYD).

YSK continues in this endeavor aimed at enhancing youth practice and understanding in policy making and accountability promotion by disseminating the Kenya Youth Development Policy (2019) in Public Policy Making and the Promotion of Accountability.

3.3 Civic Education

AYT conducts civic education and awareness targeting the youth around pertinent issues of governance and civic importance. We have conducted civic education on the Constitution of Kenya, Voter Education on Elections, and The Kenya National Youth Council Election Guidelines within the 47 Counties in Kenya. Among the partners who have supported this initiative are USAID through ACT Kenya, URAIA, Amkeni Wakenya, the former Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs in Kenya and Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution.

3.4 Monitoring Public Sector Reforms

YSK is keen on monitoring the implementation of policies that address the youth. Among the key policies of interest are those that focus on addressing youth unemployment, youth affirmative action and public participation. We also empower the youth to understand and monitor public sector reforms. In 2011 we spearheaded a study on the status of implementation of reforms targeting the youth under the issue on unemployment under Agenda 4 of the National Accord and Reconciliation Act (NARA). We further published a Youth Score Card on Constituency Youth Empowerment Centers which were to be established as one of the six targets under the unemployment issue in Agenda 4 of NARA We have also been engaged in the monitoring of the Kenyan Government process of reforming the public procurement system and improving health services delivery and published a score cards on the state of service delivery and public procurement reforms respectively of Health institutions and local authorities in Ole Nguruoni- Nakuru County, Mwingi Kitui county and Dagoretti- Nairobi County.

laws by parliament. AYT serves as the prime informant on youth issues in the network.

Youth Action against Corruption

YSK actively engages the Youth in advocacy and championing for effective service delivery and reform of weak institutions. We have built the capacity of youth to engage in the fight against corruption by publishing a Guide to Youth Action against Corruption, training youth on how to apply the guide and further engaged youth in conducting anti-corruption audits of the elements of the Kenya National Integrity System.

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