We are committed to helping small holder farmers in rural communities grow their incomes from planet-friendly agriculture.

Farming is one of the world’s most important profession yet the majority of smallholder farmers in Kenya are living in poverty. Many are trapped by global markets that do not value them and held back by systems that prevent them from accessing quality seeds, credit, training and markets. Unproductive farming practices deplete their most important asset, the soil, and exacerbate the issue.

On top of that, climate change is causing more droughts and floods, destroying crops and livestock, and jeopardising farmers’ incomes. Farmers are having to work harder for less and, with the chances of earning a decent living from agriculture ever more insecure, many people see no future for themselves in rural areas. Youth Senate Kenya think that agriculture is a great sector of growth and innovation, where farmers and entrepreneurs are the creators, change agents and leaders of the coming decades.

That’s why we want to regenerate the agricultural landscape, so farming and agri-business are seen as viable and noble career options that not only feed the world but also enable people to afford a better life for themselves and their families. Growing the world’s food should be something people aspire to, not simply for altruistic reasons but for a very practical one: because it financially supports them, their families and their communities.

But profitability cannot come at the expense of the planet that sustains us, so we take a planet-positive approach to agriculture. With agriculture both contributing to and being affected by climate change, we prioritize agriculture that regenerates resources, protects ecosystems and enhances biodiversity

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